Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I cannot believe it is ...

... over a week since my last post - and what a gloomy week we have had here in Bedfordshire. Luckily we have had a very sociable seven days which has kept me happy despite the lack of sunshine. Many of you commented on my calendar pages last month when I suggested that I might not bother to post them any more, so I have decided to carry on. I thought you might be getting bored with my life!
Here are my offerings.

Good riddance to August I say, it started so hopefully.
I do hope we have a little more sunshine next month.  The trees are full of fruit but round here we could do with a little warmth to sweeten things up.
My colours were inspired by the fruit and berries, leaves which seem to be turning already and the grass which is still really green and is going to need cutting AGAIN soon.

 I have started my Creative Sketchbook course with Linda and Laura Kemshall 's Design Matters. 
The package is really well presented with lots of helpful videos.
This week I have been doing a lot of drawing.  I often draw natural objects, but these studies require a bit more discipline.

My accuracy has definitely improved.

My computer is really giving me a hard time and it takes ages to scan or up load photographs.  I think this is why I have been a bit more reluctant lately to keep up with regular blogging.  I have a horrible feeling the whole thing is going to jam up on me.  I am pretty sure I am gong to treat myself to an Apple Mac so I now need to get everything backed up and ready to transfer to a new machine as well as rebuilding my computer desk so it will accommodate the larger screen.  Although this is something I should do joyfully, I am a great procrastinator when it comes to change!

Have a good week - what is left of it, and here's to a sunnier September.