Tuesday, 14 December 2010

One hundred plus give-away

Even though we are having a quiet Christmas we still seem to have been very busy, I expect you are all experiencing a similar rush. The short hours of day-light have the effect of making time feel short too. But I have my sewing machine back, with new innards, and I have managed to squeeze in a few creative moments. I finished hand stitching my four tree panels which I scanned before ...

 stitching them by machine and then hand into a box (As guessed by Clare)

The four-season box

The box is lined with felt and is just large enough to stand a jam jar or empty tin in to act as a liner..

I may put it in my Etsy shop later, but I want to live with it for a bit. I kept a log of how long it took to make and it is quite shocking. I spent at least two hours hand embroidering each panel plus the time before that planning, painting and machine stitching, altogether at least 18 hours - working out a price is very tricky, I hope the quality is of a high standard to warrant a fair price.

My next project involved the photographs I posted in the previous post . Lesley of Printed Material was the inspiration - thank you Lesley - when she suggested a concertina book I just had to get to it. I couldn't find any suitable quotations so I brain stormed lots of  words and selected the most appropriate.

 Finally as a reward to all of you who have stuck with me through out this post and to celebrated clocking up over 100 followers I have organised a little give-away for all of you who wish to join in.
I have put together two packages one of  paper bits and pieces and one of fabric snippets.

The paper pack contains all sorts of paper and card, plain and patterned, that could be used for scrap book or card making. Some come from packages I have got from others scrappers and collage makers. I includes some of my tags.
The fabric pack has pieces of voile, organza, tulle and lace - some new and some vintage, some snippets of silk and embroidered and printed fabrics and a felt flower of mine. I may well add a few more bits in both packages before they are sent off.

If you would like to join in please say which package you would like, or if you don't mind which I will randomly put you in one draw or the other to even up numbers. I will close the draw on Christmas eve - 24th and announce the winner after Christmas. 

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