Monday, 20 June 2011

Our best side

What a week! Not only am I occupied with Open Studio, but Mr T has organised a garden party to link up with old school and college friends he has recently connected up with.  It is a lovely idea, but I could have done with a bit of a break between the two events - well I have got a week after the OS finishes.  We are hoping the weather changes for the better! Lots of preparations have been needed after having some work done round the house and generally reorganising EVERYTHING.  This is us sitting on our new bench which Mr T started 5 years ago at occupational therapy before it was cut for stroke victims. It has been living in pieces behind the sofa, would you believe, but now with much thanks to some friends and a proper electic screw driver it is finished.
"Men at work"
It got its final coat of stain yesterday.

Only two more opportunities to visit our studio Wednesday and Saturday  Details are here on Sally's Blog.
Did I mention Chrissie from Niminyfingers came last Wednesday. How lovely was that?
It would be lovely to see you too, if you're near by... but wherever you are have a great week.