Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday, Monday

At last we are having some sunshine between the showers.  On Saturday I took the opportunity to visit Hitchin, a pleasant market town only about 8 miles away, I enjoyed myself mooching round the market and charity shops - so much more interesting than our local ones.

Apart from some supplies this was the only thing I bought.  As it says Washable and Dry Cleanable, I'm not sure if this will remove the marks of if they are permanent - a bit of an experiment needed.
I was attracted by this crowd hanging around the church gate.
But a peek through the gates soon explained their interest. I was really glad I'd popped my point and shoot into my shopper.

Only a swift glimpse of the bride and broom with their littlest bridesmaids I'm afraid, and all too fast to snap. 
Overheard "Mum! Dad! I've just SEEN the queen"
What a lovely day, it was bright and very breezy, really cheering after all the dullness.

Meanwhile I've been working on my C&G tasks.  This time spattering fabric paint.  What a mess I got myself into, which I was why I was pleased to buy a box of disposable gloves on Hitchin market.
I masked the fabric with freezer paper and used a toothbrush to splatter the paint.

Now I'm adding some stitches.

I was looking round the garden for some inspiration when I spotted the lichens on this cement planter.

I think I can feel some more paint splattering coming on.

Have a good week