Sunday, 13 April 2014

Out today

We've had our new cat Mungo for three weeks now, so he has been let out today.
 Yesterday he was remarkably grumpy!!

Today he's very happy.

I have been a bit creative. 
At the Spectrum exhibition Gina Ferrari had a bag she had made. She inspired me to make one of my own using fabric scraps. I had embroidered the paisley shapes on pink felt ages ago and knew that one day I would have a project that suited them.

I did have to buy some fabric for a lining.

'Spectrum' had a day out to the V&A.  I took my new bag. We were on a mission to do some research.

I was interested in the iron work, but a lot of the pieces in cases were difficult to photograph.

It is many years since I've been to the V&A so it was all a bit overwhelming. I'll share what I've been up to as a result of our visit next time.
What beautiful weather we've been having. We've had to water the veg. 
 I do hope you have a good week. See you soon.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We just couldn't be without any longer. So on Sunday Mr T and I went to visit the brilliant Animals at Risk Shelter to have a look at who was there. Roaming around the immaculate garden must be a dozen or so residents who cannot be re-homed for various reasons, cats with illnesses, injuries or bad habits. Then there were the one year olds that had grown up at the shelter, various variations of white with black splodges. At the end of the garden we visited the lost or abandoned cats in individual runs and one of them - you can guess who, jumped down from his bed and immediately started rubbing himself around Mr T's finger poking through the wire. From then on there was no question of who was coming home with us - we had been chosen! We think we have named him Mungo, we cannot come up with anything else. References to T.S. Elliot and Mungo Jerry the early70's rock band. He was abandoned outside some flats which have been demolished. However he is well behaved and well mannered - well he has been so far.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spectrum show

 Just a quick post to give you a glimpse of the exhibition which was put together on Monday. It is now on view in the shop until 5th April. We will be there on Saturday for a not so Private View, all are invited. The picture montage doesn't give it justice and there were a few minor adjustments to be made.

Since Laura Kemshall  posted a picture of my cushions on her blog, I have gained a few followers. So welcome and you are a good incentive for me to blog a bit more frequently, although you can find me on Facebook too. 
The prints were made of three paintings I did. I have all three up for sale in the exhibition. 
Meanwhile I managed to finish this piece for the show ...
and I have been stamping, stencilling and gelli printing fabric for another project.

I do hope some of you can make it on Saturday, 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

March catch up and invitation.

Busy, busy busy as we all seem to be, but here is a quick catch up on what's been going on…

On the 17th of February we celebrated our 35th wedding Anniversary with a casual get together with our friends.  Unfortunately my sister broke down on the M25 and had to be towed home so didn't make it.

 On Monday we are setting up at Art Van Go for Spectrum's exhibition.
I am a new member but have been invited to put in some of my work.

Hopefully there will be room for some of my cushions...

…and at long last I have finished this little piece.

Meanwhile I have been drawing goldfinches which we have lots of in our garden.

 And on my 'design wall' I have some hand dyed fabric and papers with an idea for an amaryllis inspired piece.  I want to do a bit of printing and stencilling before I begin.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I am a long term creator when it comes to finishing pieces, but that's fine. So this may be resolved next autumn!!

I spotted these two in the garden this afternoon - exploring the limitations of my phone camera, this is cropped quoted a bit, but the resolution is pretty good.
Shield bug and ladybird.

It would be lovely to see you at Art Van Go next Saturday for the Private View.  
Tea and cake will be served.
Otherwise, Art Van Go is always worth a visit so don't forget to pop into the exhibition while you're there.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sketchbook work

I have been working in my 'garden' sketchbook. Not strictly a garden subject but one that was growing in my home.

I'm experimenting with a multiple of techniques. I've done a bit of stitching too, will share that another time.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

R.I.P. Marvin

Just to let you know after a rapid deterioration in his health Marvin fell asleep finally at the vets this morning. Gonna miss that cat for a long time...

Monday, 27 January 2014

No time… no time...

In my last blog I said that I was reluctant to make New Year Resolutions, but I did say to myself that I would try to write a blog more frequently, but I have failed at the first hurdle. However in my journal I did write a list of all the things that have happened so far this year, and it is no wonder I've had no time. Some are rather mundane but, all of them time consuming. Visits to elderly parents, hairdressers', doctor's and more excitingly knitters, embroiderers, textile groups and friends. There have been visits from my sister and nephew too.  I bought myself a smart phone - just because… and that seem to take up a day swapping numbers and logging on and so on. Some of the photos I took with it popped up on the TV. Mr T cried out  that there was a picture of Marvin on the screen while he was  watching the snooker and then  I did it again when he was watching the bowls! The only way to get rid of them was the TV off and on again! I thought I'd turned off the bluetooth which I thought was responsible.  When I've got time I'll fiddle about and try and work out what happened. 
Also my GP wants me to monitor my blood pressure and I've had to buy myself a machine. I have 'white coat syndrome" and my doctor always takes my BP at least three times and usually says it is falling to an acceptable level, but this time it didn't. I have been practising before starting to record the results and the same thing is happening at home - sky high first take, and then dropping. I could get a bit obsessive and keep on doing it; I try a bit of meditation in between takes, which definitely seems to work if I can be mindful enough!  The very act of strapping that thing round my arm winds me up, and I hate the feel of it gripping tightly. Hopeful at the end of the fortnight I will be so laissez faire with the procedure I will get a true picture, which I may have to accept as high. I'm also trying to walk more, lose weight and cut out even more salt, it's no wonder my blood pressure is up! High BP is very common I know, but not something one wants to have to accept.

I have managed to keep some creativity going, that's what keeps me sane. At our first Spectrum meet of the year Gina encouraged us to have a think about what we wanted to achieve in our textile work, so I applied some of the criteria we talked about to a new long term project. I have a new sketchbook and wanted to devote it to one subject - gardens and plants that are significant to me. I started with a mind map or spider chart as we used to call them donkey's years ago when planning school topics.

I want to produce a book that expresses my feelings on one subject rather than a random collection of ideas which is what happens in my other books.  My aim is to produce a beautiful book with now time limit to get it finished. I started with a collage of some of the pictures I have of my sister and I at home in the garden, and chose one to enlarge. Just a bit of fun to break in the new book. Hopefully it will also spark off some textile work.

One subject for the new book is this Amaryllis that friends gave us for Christmas.

It is now on its second spike of flowers.  When the first flower head died off I tried a bit of dyeing, wrapping the flowers up in a tight cotton bundle.

 It looks as if it could be a severed finger (or worse!!!)

The colour isn't as deep as this, but it was my first attempt.
While I was at it I also tried a bit of tie and bleach. I tied some buttons in a piece of black cotton I knew would bleach to yellow.  What a shame it didn't keep the bright orange.

I'm aiming a bit of stitch on my yellow daisies. Rather pleased as it was the effect I was aiming for.

Finally I have managed to finish the first poppy cushion.

This will be shown at the Spectrum exhibition at Art Van Go in March. More details to follow.

I seem to have gained and lost one or two followers, so hello to anyone new and thanks for sharing my journey. Have a good week.