Thursday, 19 August 2010

So it goes...

It has been one of those days ... it is always a mistake to lay in bed in the early morning sunshine thinking what you might do when you have the whole day ahead. Do a little gardening ... take a walk in the park... visit a garden centre ... . It all started well, I thought I'd give my planters a feed, even though they'd had plenty of rain and Mr T said he would put some laundry on, all before breakfast.  After a 'bit' of tidying round I had a few more things to add to the wash.
"I've already put it on" he said,
"But it is not going" she said ...
You've been there, you've done that - machine full of water and unwashed clothes, the light's not on and the door won't open.
When I retired I thought I would buy a 'good' washing machine, so it was worth purchasing a good warranty agreement too. But the vendors wanted me to ring the manufacturers to arrange one of their engineers to call, and the manufacturers wanted me to ring the vendors to get the warranty details. I must say everyone was very polite and helpful, but it still took ages to sort, and then I had to take the sopping wet wash to the local launderette, somewhere I haven't had to frequent for many years. I had no idea how much a wash cost these days. I am sure you are getting as bored with this tale as I was with the laundry. No one else seemed to be sitting and waiting for their wash, but I sat and read my book keeping a wary eye on my undies, it must have been an unusual sight as one girl asked if I was the owner.
However I am pleased I bought the shop's guarantee as that covers accidental damages, whereas the manufacturer's doesn't and I've a horrible feeling that the wine-box spillage has gummed up the electricals - we shall see. It will be next Tuesday before anyone can come out. We can manage till then.

But after all that I was in horrible foul mood, and then Mr T wanted me to help him do something on the computer, grrr moan mutter (feeling guilty) - I really should have just gone out, even though the sun had gone. But I have a moment now and I am going to post my next set of memoirs.
I haven't got any more in the pipeline at the moment, but I am working on it, be warned.