Thursday, 17 June 2010

A fix of sea air

I am back from an all too short trip to the Isle of Wight - just 48 hours, but enough to give me a fix of sea and sun as well as a good 'show and tell' session with my sister and quality time with my father. But Tuesday morning before I went I was woken at 5.30 by a horrendous noise which sounded like someone blowing a vuvusela answered by a kazoo. As I lay in bed waiting for the next blast I was transported to Whipsnade  Zoo - peacocks - that's what it sounded like. So at six o'clock I was out in the garden in jimjams plus camera peering over garden fences, and at last  I caught sight of the culprit.
I wonder if he is still about. Mr T reckons he heard him Wednesday morning. Goodness knows where he has come from. I'll keep you informed.

But here are a few sea views.

The hour long crossing from Southampton to Cowes does at least give you a sense of going on a real journey, with a bit of a sea voyage. The weather was perfect if a little blustery.

I give dad a call from the ferry when I can get a good view of his home - that is his retirement home in the centre of the picture, he has a view of the sea from his flat, we give each other a metaphorical wave.

Yesterday morning we drove to Bembridge for a short walk along the shore before I took Dad to The Crab and Lobster for an early father's day lunch. It is well known for it's fresh sea food - it was a crab baguette for me and  lemon sole for dad. Best eaten outside with a warm sea breeze for seasoning
That's him under the sunshade. It is a wonder spot with a view over the sea - and look at that blue sky!
I dropped dad back home for his afternoon snooze and drove up the road to Gurnard to meet my sister.

Beach huts at Gurnard
Although it is a bit of a slog to get there - and not cheap with ferry crossing prices, what a brilliant place to have to go and visit - and at least the accommodation is free!
Lots more photos to follow.