Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 at a glance

My year summed up in 365 one and a half inch squares!

Thanks so much for sticking with me, it hasn't been an easy year back here in reality, although we have had a lot to celebrate -  90th, 95th, 60th, 21st and 18th birthdays in my immediate family and that is nearly half of us (we are a very small family).  However emotional and health ups and downs have also been dominant.
It is very quiet, grey and pouring with rain here, even my new iPad isn't cheering me up. Our plans for New Year all had to be scuppered so it is the two of us and the telly and maybe a game of crib and of course keeping my eye on what everyone else is doing... all without leaving my armchair.
I've finally submitted to the call of Facebook,  but not sure how that will pan out. I have linked up with some old work colleagues who I have fallen out of touch with, so that is very pleasant, but I certainly won't be posting about the minutiae of my life.
Nothing exciting going on on the textile front, but I think I shall use this afternoon to create my January calendar.
This picture is for Cathy, drawn using app  "Paper 53"
There will be plenty of these - I love drawing on the iPad.

to you all

Thursday, 27 December 2012

More pictures less words

Collage, plus paint, plus Tippex on vine leaves copied from a design book - inspired by DMT

Variation with bramble - from my Luton Hoo walled garden photos

Variation with figs - from my Luton Hoo walled garden photos

Photo taken with borrowed iPad

Quick sketches of Marvin on borrowed iPad using "Doodle Buddy" a very simple drawing app.  Hope to get my own and then use a better drawing program. Great fun.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Back soon ....
Have a great week

Friday, 14 December 2012


"Perhaps she'll take a little more notice of me when she's finished THAT quilt!!"

It's okay Marvin.
It is all done and photographed ready to send off to my tutor.  
My first proper quilt, although only a small one.

"Now will you pay me attention!"

I'm very preoccupied with family at the moment, so keeping a low profile, but enjoying looking at everyone's posts.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Head in a cloud

I seem to have head my head in a cloud this week - as opposed to a head in the clouds.
Just haven't been able to put my mind to anything new. However I have managed to get a few things finished

Photo effect using 'Photo Booth'

Finished November calendar.

Made a basic page for December.

Decided to unpick some stitching I had done on my quilt, but haven't touched it since.

  Made a couple of book wraps from a piece of 'mad' quilting I had done. So now I shall have these lying around instead of the bit of quilting.

 Finished off some little tree decoration bags I have made for friends.
(Don't tell)
They are bits of Sari ribbon stitched down onto felt. From an idea in this book - and Gina.

And I finished off my bag, and added a vintage buckle from my mother-in-law's button box

And here is the photographer's assistant checking the action.

Have a good week