Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dull Wednesday

Horrid, dull morning, need all the lights on to see anything, finished yesterday's Sudoku and saw my needle felt sampler in the daylight, just - made it yesterday evening.  A blast of steam will get rid of the needle holes and I may add a few beads - what shall I do with it then? Don't know, is it nice enough for a card?  I need to get some different colour wools. The shop where I got this is in Knebworth, nearly a 40 mile round trip - I haven't found a supplier nearer yet so it may be the internet, but I do like to see my art supplies for real when I buy them the first time. I am meeting friends for lunch which will be good as I am in a trough this morning.   I shall enjoy a 'grumpy old women' lunch. We are hoping the snow doesn't reach us - we are right on the edge of the forecasted area, so I am taking a gamble meeting my friends a few miles away. Hope you're all feeling a bit more positive - Sudoku is my last resort activity - haven't done one for ages, and have done two this week!!