Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time marches on.

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since my last post but there it is - I am another two weeks older.  I had a really great time at the Contemporary Textile Fair at Teddington - it was great to see such a variety of work of astounding quality - I did not buy much, a couple of multi-ribbon necklaces which will be great with scoop necked jumpers as I feel the cold round my neck, and a fat quarter of hand dyed and discharged cotton.
However on Thursday I went to the NEC to the Sewing for Pleasure/Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch/Hobby Crafts show.  Joanne, Jan and I decided we would go by train from Milton Keynes, and by buying bargain train tickets on-line it only cost us £10 return straight to Birmingham International Train Station.  It was quite an adventure for us, as none of us had been there by train before.  I did have to get up at 6.30 which is unheard of for me. I had to practice going to bed early for a few days as we are usually night owls here. But it did mean  I was ready for the clocks going back last night.  The show was terrific with lots of familiar names about.  I did take my little point and shoot camera, but I completely forgot about it until I was too tired to walk round again.  However this Victorian quilt was on display near the restaurant where we were about to have our umpteenth cuppa.  It reminded me of one that had been on Antiques Road Show very recently (it wasn't the same one). I just love the details.

It was interesting to compare it with this piece of contemporary work by Susan Chapman.  All of this endeared me further to working with textiles myself.

I also took the opportunity to spend a bit  on supplies.  So I bought some silk thread from Oliver Twists for dyeing and a few reels of coloured thread from their bargain basket.  I also got some bundles of sari ribbon and thread plus a lovely mixture of fancy threads from Stef Francis. I also got a bundle of pieces of Egyptian cotton, which I washed ready for dyeing - it is hanging on the line behind the threads. (Which are just there for show)

I also bought some 'Hot Spots' and foil from Kim Thittichai and loved Jenny Langley's work - thank goodness for the internet and the show guide to help remind me what I saw.

My feet held out well, but this weekend my back is giving me a great deal of trouble, so this is being written in short bursts, interrupted with walks round the garden and 10 minutes or so of ironing, which is fine

The garden is crying out for some maintenance and the lawn needs cutting, but it will just have to wait. However the containers of bulbs I planted up in the autumn were well worth it. These little botanic tulips are a beautiful intense pink.

Lastly, at the show they had a display of costumes from Downton Abbey.

These looked as wonderful in real life as they do on the screen and in no way looked like 'props', but authentic period outfits.  The costume designers used altered antique garments and vintage textiles and trimmings where possible.

My favourite had to be Lady Sybil's harem pants in beautiful shades of georgette over turquoise silk.

Hopefully I will get around to posting some more of my work before too long.
Do have a good week and I shall aim to visit your blog too.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's my *****day

It's my *****day and I have the first head cold I've had all winter. Not that it has curtailed any grand celebrations, but we have postponed going out for lunch as I don't think I will taste a thing. I love this sentiment that was on a card from my oldest friend - we met at Infant's School - although we rarely see each other these days.

You may be older than you've ever been before, but remember,
You are younger than you will ever be again.

Thanks, Avril.
I'm not one for great celebrations, unless of course it is a 'biggy',  and I may have mentioned before that it is my father's 90th, nephew's 18th and (toy boy)husband's 60th all in May - I will probably mention it again, so I am more that happy to have a quiet day. Tomorrow I am going to The Textile Fair at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington.  For once I haven't got to drive as my friends are picking me up, so that will be a treat.  I went to the same show about three years ago with another friend, when we went by train.  What a day - not only were the local trains stopping short of St Pancras due to work on the line, but there was
a big rugby match at Twickenham - I seem to remember it took us over three hours to get home, but it was a good show.

I have been getting on with my Creative Quiltmaking, the first modules are mainly concerned with sketchbook work and generating designs - a skill I want to develop myself, however I am looking forward to starting to work on fabrics later.  Meanwhile I have some sketchbook pages to share with you.
I was supposed to go to the local museum to do some sketching of artefacts, but typically on the day I went, it was closed (note to self - do more research before leaving the house).  But it was not problem as I had my camera and took some more photographs and made sketches of one of my favourite local buildings which I have photographed before.
This Victorian house, which now houses the local museum, has the most wonderful features at roof level.

There is an amazing variety of mock Tudor chimney stacks, decorative ridge tiles, finials and just look at that lightning conductor - thanks to a zoom lens.

One of the heads and fancy tiles that decorate the porch.

What about this fellow?

As you can see, there could be a life's work based on it.  
But here are my sketchbook offerings.

There is more to come, but I need to give my cold infested head a break.
Hope you are having a good weekend.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Busy doing Nothing

I'm afraid that this is just a flying visit to show that I hadn't forgotten the change in the month.
I'm sorry to say I have nothing of creative interest to report at the moment, but I do seem to have been busy this week.  Managed to put together a page for March in my new journal - my fifth! I have taken a patchwork theme. I'm afraid the artwork is not very impressive or inspiring, but I'm sure it will look very different at the end of the month.  I haven't even had much time for reading!

I am trying to drop in and see what you are all doing, but apologies for not adding any comments. I'm flying off again now - see you soon and have a great weekend.