Saturday, 9 June 2012

Craving for sunshine

This little orchid has been blooming in my kitchen since Christmas. At certain times of the day it fills the air with a beautiful scent - I can only describe it as vanilla and roses - and sometimes it doesn't seem to smell at all.

I love the combination of yellow, orange and shocking pink and decided to use this as a starting point for a colour project.

I really feel the need to work with these bright colours during this dismal weather!

The next job is to play about with proportion. Design Matters TV has been very useful on this subject.  It is a different matter when using collage or fabric than painting which is my usual media as you have to  plan before you start working, rather than when painting you can work more spontaneously and instinctively. I'm not finding this as easy as I thought  I would so it is a good learning opportunity for me. I am usually most happiest working from life when painting, or when sewing, just playing with the materials at hand, when I have tried to create what is in my head I usually fall short of my expectations so I hoping working on these activities will help me be more conscious of colour and more in control. 

Meanwhile I have been working through my tasks for my C&G Creative Quilt Making with some work on texture.

These look rather dull after my other pages, I must get back to my sunshine.

Fingers crossed for a brighter week ahead,