Monday, 15 February 2010

Enter here

Here is my first page in my Walled Garden Journal, it is based on a photograph (below) of one of the glasshouse doors. The distressed paint is a interior designers dream and the knotted rag used to pull the door closed has been there so long it looks part of the door. As this is a A3 book I had to print the photograph on two pieces of ordinary inkjet paper and glued it onto a page prepared with quite thick gesso and tinted ochre.  Before I printed the door I managed to straighten it in photoshop as I had to tilt the camera when taking the picture. 
I am pleased with the photograph, but there was very low light levels and I had not got my tripod with me on this occasion, I also had to stand in an awkward spot. 
In my journal I wanted to use the door as a metaphor for entering the garden - a rather obvious one, but I am not very strong on the poetic statement. I surrounded the door as if were closed and added some graffiti using words I associate with the garden. Here are a couple of details...

By the way that is a fruiting fig on the wall.

I would appreciate your comments. I want to use the photographs to make a strong statement about the place, I have another page ready to post  and just hope I can keep my enthusiasm up.