Sunday, 29 April 2012

I'm suffering from "lady flu"

You've heard of "man flu", Mr T had it last week - not actually flu - but you know, generally feeling grim, coughing, sneezing and sniffing etc.  I must say he is not a demanding patient, but suffers in 'silence'.  This weekend it is my turn, my head feels as if it is stuffed with a nice cotton/polyester wadding and my chest feels as if I've drawn my gathering threads too tight and the day is passing in a fuzzy dream. Hopefully it will all be over in a couple of days, Mr T is much better now and is making tea on demand and being very understanding. I have no intention of doing anything demanding as I have already snipped a corner of one of my "samples" from below, which tells me not to get out the sewing machine, it could lead to a disaster.  The weather is foul, cold, wet and windy, so at least I didn't feel bad about not cutting the grass. Instead I shall share what I have been doing since my last post.

At last I have reached the stitching part of my City and Guilds course and here are some samples I have made using my dyed fabric.  They are illustrating the techniques of 'echo' and 'void'.

'Echo' is drawing or stitching the outline of a shape and then echoing that line. 

 Below is the sketchbook page I took it from

'Void' is demarcating a shape by stitching the negative space around it - here is my sketchbook page

and a little stitched sample.

This is another example, this time the negative space is left unstitched.

Now I need to put all of these into a folder or book of some sort and write up notes, but not today...

Meanwhile here is my A4 size piece first shown last week.

 I free machined in the details and then practiced my vermicelli stitch in the background.  I started off with a variegated thread, but soon decided to change to one that blended in as the stops and starts didn't show so much.

I have added some hand stitching.

I had envisaged encrusting it with lots of french knots and bead work, but now I'm not so sure.

I will bind the edges and live with it a bit longer before deciding if it is finished or not.

Not sure what I shall do for the rest of the day - may be plan my calendar page for May or another little quilt.  Meanwhile I hope you keep warm and dry and sniffle free,
have a good week,