Monday, 22 October 2012

Still flying

Thanks for all the great comments on my quilt plans, they mean a lot to me.
 I managed to get quite a lot done since my last post.

First I have been practising my free motion embroidery by stitching strips of sari ribbon onto felt, (thanks for the inspiration Gina).

I have also added borders and pinned my patchwork onto wadding and backing ready for quilting- can't decide what pattern to do. But hopefully something will inspire me.

Over the weekend I had a dyeing session and I think I have the blues I want for my C&G quilt.

I have done a couple of pages in my sketchbook on the theme of "Cabinet of Curiosities". Colourful bugs are a favourite of collectors. See 'Sketchbook Challenge'

It's good to do something different.  I do these while (half) watching the TV. 

I  use Koh-i-noor brilliant waterbased dyes - really cheap, and a waterbrush which is brilliant as you don't need a pot of water to paint with - very dodgy in an armchair. You just need a rag or paper towel to wipe the brush on. If you are thinking of buying a waterbrush, don't buy a cheap one without a valve  as the paint back-flows into the reservoir and colours the water - I bought a cheap set of three, and they are useless.

And lastly, we had a magnificent sunset on Saturday. I was busy sewing, but stopped to take these shots through the windows.  Unfortunately this red sky at night was a useless weather forecast as Sunday it did nothing but rain.

Photos straight out of the camera - no enhancing.

Have a good week, whatever you're doing,