Friday, 11 October 2013

Who knows where the time goes?

Since my last post Autumn has arrived.  I suppose we can count ourselves lucky that it has taken so long to arrive, although it just seems too soon. I am hoping that I can fit some time in for creativity as since my last post I have been busy doing mostly other things. Firstly theres been more trouble wit' cat. Those of you who have followed my tales of Marvin will know that in August he had his remaining teeth out, and all seemed to be going well until I decided his bed needed a change and I realise that it was rather than damp! It was stuck to the floor! When we shut him in the kitchen at night he usually pops out, or sits on guard by the cat flap so we hadn't noticed him not sleeping on it. I thought perhaps we had had a spillage as it's by the bottle recycling box, so I threw the whole thing  and put down the spare. It didn't smell or I would have noticed, I promise. However I checked it the next morning and it was wet again! I'm not sure how long he had been using his bed as a 'convenience'.   He doesn't normally have a litter tray, we put one down after his op, but he stopped using it and went outside as usual. I took him along to the vet for a check up and she said he could have an infection, but it could be stress. We realised that our neighbourhood cat count has risen dramatically over the summer and our garden is now frequently visited by at least three different cats. (One neighbour has six) Although none of them has shown any signs of aggression, poor old Marvin is probably feeling totally defenceless as well as toothless and has opted for the indoor loo option. Of course we are now providing him with the proper facilities, but what a faff it is! I wish they could derive a cat litter that wouldn't stick to their feet!
"You talking about me?"
As all this was happening I was booked for a visit to the Isle of Wight to visit Dad.  As Mr T is not the best at improvisational clearing up, before I went I had to buy new rubber gloves, wet wipes, puppy training pads etc etc, as we weren't sure if Marv's problems would be solved with the provision of a litter tray at the time. It was good to see Dad, and when I asked him if there was anything I  could do while I was there he said he wanted help choosing a new laptop!

So off we went to PC World to see what they could offer.  After chatting up a pleasant young man and explaining that at 91 Dad need something easy to use, we chose a model and he explained that it Windows 8 could be set up to look like the version he had so he would be able to find everything. However the setting up service would take a couple of days and Dad would have to come in to pick it up. We were a bit disappointed as Dad wanted me to help him, but I knew I wasn't confident enough to set it up myself in the time available.  As we hummed and hah'd about how Dad would get back to pick it up, the assistant disappeared. He had a word with the techies who said they could set it up that evening and another assistant who lived near Dad said he would drop it off for him - unofficially, on his way home the next day.  I was leaving the next morning, but Dad said it arrived safely and he was having a play. How refreshing to find people who were really helpful.

So now it was October and I did manage to prepare my October calendar pages.

I tried to adapt the procedures I'd used at Angie Hughes' workshop, but it didn't quite work and ended up very moody and dark.  I hope thats not a premonition for the month's weather.
This month I am determined to re-stock my Etsy shop. Just before I set up a photo session of some new things I've made I though I'd re-list the little needle felt moth brooches I had on there. I no sooner than I had put up the first three than they sold to a lady in Berlin! Which was wonderful, but now my shop was empty again. Luckily I had one left, so that is there now. I have managed a long photo session so I am all ready to restock, hopefully over the weekend... here's a taster ....

If you're interested in anything you see here, please contact me and I'll let you know prices etc.

I had another lovely Saturday afternoon with the N.H. & Bs Embroiders' Guild and yesterday Maxine  and I went to the Stitching and Knitting show at the Ally Pally, my first visit to that venue.  Maxine is a colourful character and very talented textile artist and great company. I haven't been down to London for ages and ages and being with her boosted my confidence and we had a great time. The show is almost overwhelming. However I did see Bobby Britnell and Ruth Issett on their stand and both said hello. It was lovely to be remembered from all the students they have at their workshops. More beautiful work from both of them.
However I was most struck by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn's work. I have seen pictures of their pieces, but not seen it in 'real life' before.  It was stunning.

 Below is a sketchbook page from a wonderful display of dozens of pages - it was under glass so the white dots are reflections from the lighting.

I also saw Gina on the Missenden Abbey stand, and later we bumped into each other while wandering round.  I was pleased to be able to thank her personally for an invitation to join the textile group, called Spectrum whose work I saw at Art Van Go last year.  I cannot express how delighted I am to be able to join this group as it was just what I was looking for.  So after trekking round Ally Pally yesterday I took the opportunity to put my feet up, not sure when I'll get another chance.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be visiting London and joining groups with new friends as well as spending time with 'old' ones too of course. At the moment I'm counting my blessings, even with an inconvenient cat!

I do hope you've had a great week too.