Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November snow

Like many of you here in the UK I woke to snow this morning. I volunteered to dig up some carrots for our beef stew and dumplings.

 So here is my garden this morning.
 The cotoneaster which never seems to be eaten by the birds until after the New Year. Then we often get flocks of red wing and fieldfares.
My pots of bulbs protected by pieces of netlon to stop the squirrels digging them up. They don't seem to eat the bulbs, but use the soft compost to bury nuts in.

My neighbour's coloured clothes pegs.

My watering cans lined up for the winter.

So glad I bought a hydrangia, it is worthy of a few close-ups,but not this morning.

Must go and get that stew on the go - keep warm.