Thursday, 3 December 2009

Shopping - an ugly rant

I do not like shopping any more - I'm not counting the weekly supermarket trip, I do not consider that to be shopping as such, what I mean is window shopping, browsing, choosing and spending.  I don't mind the spending bit,  if I find something that I want, I'll go for it, but I can never find what I'm looking for!

Getting to the shops is the first hurdle, and this time of year it is even worse. I want to know WHY AREN'T ALL THESE PEOPLE AT WORK? When I was working I imagined empty car parks and echoing shopping malls, but they are full of  people - and not all of them look like pensioners like me. If they are unemployed I feel very sorry for them, but what are they doing down the shops? (I know that is horrid of me, but I am in a very grumpy mood). When I do find a parking space and fight my way through the crowds no one has what  I want. Don't start me on clothes,  I am not slim, not eighteen but not yet ready for 'classics'.  I want clothes that are warm and washable and a bit trendy - why have chunky jumpers got short sleeves this year? I get cold arms.
I also want a birthday card for an 18 year old nephew  - not a decent one anywhere, of course the shops are full of Christmas cards - I know I should have got one last month and I know I could make one, but 18 year old lads want something  a bit cutting edge.
Even the craft shops in my local shopping mall has run out of the craft paper and the pens I want. Everyone is making birthday cards for nephews.
Back home to my journal - a few old magazines, glue, paint, a touch of Teesha Moore and I'm feeling myself again. I can make do with the clothes I've got, wait for paper and pens 'till I make that special trip to the art shop and  the nephew will have to put up with the only card I found in Luton, I'm sure he won't care after that first legal pint! Aah that's better, who needs retail therapy - it's blog therapy for me.

PS I'm thinking of making a January calendar challenge for all those of you who have said you are going to make one - what do you think?