Sunday, 4 August 2013

August - just

Here you see a picture of Marvin with four teeth...
... and here he is Friday with no teeth. A runny nose and a visit to the vet confirmed he had an abscess on one tooth and the other three were pretty poor so rather than put him through another anaesthetic in the future, it was decided to take them all out.
He has recovered amazingly quickly and is just about back to normal, just sleeping a it more, which means about 22 out of 24 instead of 21!

The weather has been a lot more comfortable and the garden is bursting. There have been lots of bumble bees, couldn't resist snapping a few.

The poppy has finished blooming and the seed heads are drying upside down in a paper bag.
They are irrestistable as subject matter, but I wanted to try to put my own take on them.

I made a card rubbing plate and used candle wax as a resist. In the enable above I colour washed the paper first.

Of course I had to create a few sketchbook pages too.

I bought myself a packet of TAP Transfer Artists Paper, it is like Tee Shirt transfer but you can not only print on it with you ink jet, but you can paint and draw on it too and you can use it in fabric, paper, wood, metal and glass.

Here I have used a photo I took of an old door, it has transferred perfectly. However the fabric is stiffened by the transfer. I thought I'd try a small whole cloth journal quilt and made a start, but now I need a bigger range of threads. Not sure when I shall get to the shops. 

I still haven't made my mind up about visiting the Festival of Quilts this week. I shall regret it if I don't go, but my back has been giving me a bit of trouble so I'm dithering.
Whatever you're doing this week, have fun.