Sunday, 20 September 2009


I created this for a challenge I saw here at the three muses. My interpretation is very different from the ones posted.  I was having a bit of a rumage after my visit to the Isle of Wight last week and turning out my pockets for beach-combings when I remembered my joy at finding a forgotten seashell in the bottom of a pocket months after a visit to the beach.  This was often the first chilly day of the autumn term when I had to wear my padded coat for the dreaded playground duty. I usually hadn't worn the coat since early summer. We have friends and family by the coast and visit throughout the year - and you should never come away from the beach without picking up a shell or a piece of beach glass or a pretty pebble so there was usually some treasure in my pocket.
So this is my inspiration. I started off by drawing round my hand a built up the image round that. I painted it in acrylic and added scanned images and magazine cuttings, adding details with ink coloured pencils and anything else that would give the effect I wanted.  I had to scour my photo magazines for a suitable urban background. I also like creating a 3D effect with the collage images. It has taken me ages to come up with suitable slogan, but I think this expresses how I feel. I hope it triggers some memories for you too.