Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I have enrolled to do Creative Quiltmaking with Design Matters which is a City and Guilds recognised course.  This is something new for me as I haven't taken part in a textile course before, although I have learned a lot from some workshops I have attended.  I am hoping that it will help me with the design process as I don't want to feel I am just making things, my inner artist is calling.  There is nothing wrong with just making things, I love it, but I want to express something and the trouble is I'm not sure what it is I want to express - perhaps it is just the love of making things!!
I started this blog when I was doing photography with the OCA as a way of chronicling my learning, so I shall be doing the same again by sharing my work with you.  I haven't quite finished the Creative Sketchbook course, but that has given me lots of ideas and skills.

The course has kicked off with lots of drawing activities, and I love drawing.  However I don't usually draw from photographs so this was different.  I did similar work at the beginning of the Sketchbook course but this time I had more freedom to choose my own subjects.  I wanted to challenge myself so did not choose easy objects to draw.  Here are a few examples done in an A4 sketchbook.

My grandmother gave me these crochet gloves - they WERE a challenge to draw even working from a photograph.

I had to make a collection of items together that would be used for various exercises. I chose things for their shape, colour and sentimental value.  Grouping the objects together reminded me of the classic creative writing exercise where the teacher would present her class with a seemingly random group of objects and ask them to weave a story round them - thank goodness no one is asking me to do that! Although the key and little bottle do bring Alice's adventures to mind.

I hope I can keep you entertained as well sharing my learning curve.