Sunday, 8 January 2012

January Windows

I thought I'd add a bit of variety to my post today, not just pages from my sketchbook.  But I will start off with one inspired by the long gone stained glass windows which once decorated our house.  I loved them, but the frames were so rotten we couldn't open any of them so they had to go.  Somewhere I have a good set of photographs I took before they were removed, but I cannot find them,  just a couple of snaps which gave me enough detail to do this. The diamond pane rubbing was made on the front door which we were able to keep, but no coloured glass.

Keeping on the window theme - this is the large window in my workroom, which was once the garage.  It was a very small garage and this wall is taken up with window and radiator - not a lot of storage space - hence a crammed window sill and cardboard boxes.

This is the business end of my workbench - the computer is at the other.  I have been trying out my soft pastels.  I was rather pleased with my first attempt of my little owl paper weight, but managed to spray it with repositionable mount spray instead of fixative - no please - don't say anything!  The second one is okay, but lacks some of the spontaneity of the first.  My soft pastels are rather old and seemed to have dried out and are extremely crumbly.  I'm not sure I am ready to invest in a new lot at the moment.

And finally here is me sitting in front of the computer, which cleverly took the picture of me holding my camera and with Marvin sitting on the conservatory chair which was brought in on a temporary basis, but has become a fixture since he loves to sit on it and give me creative advice.

I seemed to have acquired a new batch of followers in the last month - welcome and I am extremely flattered.  I did say I would arrange a give-away when I reached 150 followers, but the number has grown to over 160, so I must get organised, I haven't forgotten.

Do have a good week,