Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 at a glance

My year summed up in 365 one and a half inch squares!

Thanks so much for sticking with me, it hasn't been an easy year back here in reality, although we have had a lot to celebrate -  90th, 95th, 60th, 21st and 18th birthdays in my immediate family and that is nearly half of us (we are a very small family).  However emotional and health ups and downs have also been dominant.
It is very quiet, grey and pouring with rain here, even my new iPad isn't cheering me up. Our plans for New Year all had to be scuppered so it is the two of us and the telly and maybe a game of crib and of course keeping my eye on what everyone else is doing... all without leaving my armchair.
I've finally submitted to the call of Facebook,  but not sure how that will pan out. I have linked up with some old work colleagues who I have fallen out of touch with, so that is very pleasant, but I certainly won't be posting about the minutiae of my life.
Nothing exciting going on on the textile front, but I think I shall use this afternoon to create my January calendar.
This picture is for Cathy, drawn using app  "Paper 53"
There will be plenty of these - I love drawing on the iPad.

to you all