Sunday, 24 April 2011

No eggs here

Firstly, happy Easter!
 Quite a lot of you are very 'quiet' at the moment, I hope it is because you are enjoying the holiday and sharing the glorious, if somewhat disquietening, weather we have been having, I haved to keep reminding myself it is still April, even though the garden seems to think it is the middle of May.  Today has been much fresher, but still warm enough to sit outside in short sleeves.

I have been busy this week, but don't have any photographs to show for it. However last week I did experiment more with different materials and the heat tool, (with plenty of fresh air) so I shall share these with you.

Each piece is postcard size and I was influenced by the layers of leaf debris found on woodland floors.

 This first piece is layers of felt, bond-a-web, mixed fibres (including grasses) and painted Lutrador blasted with the heat tool which melted it together, and then machine and hand stitched.

Wasn't sure about the hand stitches, so I stopped.

This second one is similar, but I included some sweet wrappers and angelina fibres. I also painted strips of bond-a-web. There is more colour showing through the layers.

I machine stitched round all the holes created when I heat blasted it and then added some hand stitched herringbone.

I like this one better.

This final one was built up on a piece of cotton velvet. I cut pieces of painted bond-a-web, felt, organza and painted Lutrador. I then added transfer foil when the bond-a-web was warm and tacky

I machined stiched the layers before heat blasting them so the effect was less dramatic.

This one looked very landscape-like and so I added some hand stitched grass.

Hopefully I shall have some more to share with you later in the week.
I am beginning to get ready for the open studio event in June -  more about that at a later date!
Have a good week.