Thursday, 30 September 2010

The last day of September

We had a lovely day today - a welcome break in some wretched weather this week, so I took the camera for a walk in our local park. Luton has an excellent Parks department and has several well kept parks and we our very lucky that the best is within easy walking distance from my home - so join me in Wardown Park.
It was still very wet underfoot,

Shooting into the sun.
Sat by the lake
Through the willows

Eyeing me up!

View from the bridge

That's me on the water

Time for reflection

Not the sort of Ratty you really want to see

The daisy-chain wall in front of the museum

It has taken me ALL evening to upload these photos. Some took five minutes others about 30 seconds and it made no difference what size file they were either. I even tried to create a Picasa web album (which I think I did) but I can't access it!! Oh well, back to the drawing board.