Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Another job or two

I've been photographing my wares today I thought that I wasn't making a very big impact with straight photographs so I thought I would give myself another couple of jobs - photographic director and stylist. I should have taken a couple of 'how I did it' pics which would have made a better tale. But never mind. First I got out my jumpers and coat and hung them on the front of the wardrobe. I set up the camera on tripod as the light was so poor I knew I would have to use a slow shutter speed.  Then I started on my scarf drawer and rediscovered  couple I had forgotten!
This is my new jumper from Monsoon - now I need to sell lots of book covers. (My sister has bought exactly the same one!) I'm having lunch with friends tomorrow and if it's chilly I can wear it, but the flower is for sale - I shall have to make myself one now.

and my coat I treated myself to last winter, which I hope I can still button up!

I love this Laura Ashley white knitted scarf but I've hardly ever used it, but now it has proved useful to set of this purse.

I thought this one might look good with denim.

More blues!

This is a beautiful two toned chiffon scarf that is rather too large to use, but I like to get it out and look at it every now and again. Do you have things like this your wardrobe!
 I'm not sure if I am ready to apply for a job as a photography stylist yet, but it was great fun and my photography course certainly helped. Next time I promise not to mention the shop!!