Saturday, 27 June 2009

Thinking time

I am supposed to be working on my final assignment for OCA Photography 2, Landscape. I have to compile twelve photographs taken in the style of my chosen photographer, Fay Godwin. Although she was well known for her black and white landscape work, it was her collection of more intimate colour photographs she took of gardens which attracted me. My tutor gave me the go ahead and I have been working on this collection for 6 months but cannot come to a decision at to whether I have a good enough pool to start selecting or whether I should be taking more photographs. This time has also coincided with my rediscovery of painting. I have always drawn, but I haven't had my paints out for years. I am in a creative rush at the moment, indulging myself in a frenzy of picture making inspired by the art journals kept by many bloggers and flickrites. I have been trying to 'let go' and really let myself be as emtional, sentimental, messy, fiddly and so on as I feel. I always worry about what others may think, that I mustn't be self-centred or indulgent, so this is a bit of self applied art therapy and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I am finding it quite difficult to give myself 'me time' since I retired - something I longed for when working full time.
But I want to start seriously thinking about my photography assignment, but to end this blog I shall post a couple of flower paintings I started my art journal with - before going a little more wayward.

thought I'd share
This is a very conventional watercolour study of an aquilegia...
snow in summer
...whereas this study of 'snow-in-summer' is beginning to loosen up!