Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A tribute to my chiropractor

I had lunch with some old friends today, something I always look forward to, but today one of my friends had some devastating news, Graham Heale who has been my chiropractor for well over 20 years died in a road accident last Thursday whilst out on his motorbike.  Graham has seen me through much pain and kept me going over the years and he also regularly treated my husband. He is well known locally and I know many people who have called on him for treatment. As well as being well know locally he was a top practitioner and a specialist in his field.  His more well known patients included the late Princess Diana and it was always a bit of a kick to think his healing hands had run down her back as well as mine. Over the years that I have been going to his clinic he always had a smile and joke and was often humming a pop song as you entered the treatment room. I trusted him totally and as he cracked the joints in my neck and back on numerous occasions, he always joked that he was a bit 'rough'. Chiropractic has not cured my back problems, but treatment has alleviated the symptoms. I cannot imagine how his colleagues must be feeling as it was a close knit group of people working at the clinic, many being there for years. My heart also goes out to his family. Graham enjoyed biking, he owned and restored  vintage bikes. He had photographs on his wall, which I must say I took little notice of.  He was also the captain of Bedford Fencing club. 
I really cannot believe he won't be there next time I go for treatment, so long Graham, rest in peace
Graham Heale
Dr Graham Heale