Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Here is a page from my larger Moleskine sketchbook with 48 'inchies' I doodled when my eyes were having a good day. Never one to overlook a good idea I discovered the concept of "art journals" earlier this year. This seemed a wonderful solution to my problem of having lots of art projects floating around on untidy bits of paper and the feeling that when I did feel in a creative mood I had to produce something for a wall. An art journal is the perfect solution. My art had a valid home and the whole philosophy of art journaling is to free yourself from restrictions so:
No. 1 Rule of Art Journaling: anything goes.
I started my journal in rather nice 'Pink Pig' A4 spiral bound sketch book I had bought sometime ago, because I loved the cover, but hadn't know what to do with so my first journal was started. But then on flickr everyone was talking about moleskines, which I had never heard of. Well after a quick 'google' to the Moleskine site I had to have one or two or three. I am not one usually to jump onto a bandwagon, but I have to admit I am hooked.
 "Inchies" are another thing I discovered on flickr and as a veteran doodler the idea of producing a one inch square of art really appealed so I had to have a go. I posted my first attempts onto my flickr page and then kept a few ready cut blank inchies for those moments when I wanted a little doodle.
And then there is my pocket size notebook moleskin which is just for me - and an occasional share.
Here is yesterday's page.

I try and write/draw/paint/doodle in it most days.
Oh then there is my Art journal calendar... another time I think...

landscape inchies
Landscape Inchies
marvin inchies
Marvin Inchies