Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Better late

Here is my completed December calendar, I meant to post it earlier, but I definitely had some sort of bug over the weekend. I am feeling much better today, especially after a hair cut, nothing like it to lift the spirits. I know most people get this done before the holidays, but actually this was just what I needed today.
Everyone here seemed to be expecting heavy snow tonight so  Mr T and I went to Sainsbury's as we had been unable to do our shop at the weekend due to me being bluuur and Mr T being a non-driver. The shelves were empty and everyone was chatting as if we were expecting a siege. It can snow now if it likes - the larder is full and I have enough projects to keep me going (for a month)- although fingers crossed with the old sky+ box which is playing up (again) Mr T is in the middle of watching the cricket (England v SA)
( 8pm - snowing hard now)