Thursday, 20 May 2010


No photography tips today but I have been searching through the photograph files on my laptop as they really need culling and I came across this group from last year. I took them for a flickr photography challenge on - guess what - the colour blue! This little group features two of my Bakelite pots, a bottle lid, periwinkle and bluebells. I have been in the creativity doldrums this week so it is good to look at the archives for a bit of inspiration.
For this still life I looked at some Dutch masters whose still life paintings are fabulous in detail. Very often they would feature some draped fabric and a bowl spilling its contents. I must say that mine is a very humble interpretation. I set up my little still life in a box with lots of blutac and masking tape.

With this final composition I was playing with shape. It may have been better if the crease in the cloth had been vertical. At the time  you don't notice how important these details are.

I went to the Walled Garden art exhibition  Private View this evening and I am pleased to say that my photographs had been selected. The venue was fabulous - an enormous marquee in the walled garden called the Conservatory, which is being used for wedding receptions. There was quite a mixed selection of work and some of an exceptional standard. Organising and managing such an event is a minefield and they had said that everyone that submitted would  have at least one piece hung so some pieces were of a dubious standard. The boards used to display the works were rather wobbly and my pieces were rather in a corner (well somebody's had to be). I am not expecting to sell, but I hope the organisers manage to make sales as it is a fabulous idea and the garden is desperate for funds for the restoration work. It is always great to be part of such an event and my friend Sally, who has helped with the organisation was interviewed by the local press. The publicity will be too late as the exhibition closes on Sunday, but let's hope they get enough interest to decide to repeat the event.