Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Finding a direction

I'm adrift at the moment. Having finished my C&G I feel all at sea, I need to find direction in which to sail. I'm delighted to report that my final quilt went down very well with my tutor - Linda Kemshall, and got full marks across the board, which is very pleasing. Now I'm going to let myself indulge in a few whims which have had to wait while I concentrated on my course work, but I don't want to drift about aimlessly.  I have said I will contribute to a local exhibition in September and aim to have some textile pieces ready for then. That's a good start as it will be my first as a textile artist, and there is plenty of time at the moment!!!

Meanwhile I have a few odds and ends to share with you. Firstly I had an urge to create a rag doll.  My sister and I made a doll we called Betty when we were really too old for dolls, she became an mascot and had all sorts of adventures. Betty was about six or seven inches tall, made from an old pillow slip, and had short, black wool hair.  My current version is rather more elongated and whimsical, and I have three in progress.

One thing I have learned is how tricky it is to make something like this of decent quality. These may just languish on a shelf unless someone offers them a home.

When I first tried some rust dyed fabric, I had to scrape together a few suitable pieces of old iron wear, but in the back of my mind I remember some old drill bits and so on that my Dad had given us when he moved.  A search made me think we'd thrown them out, but when MrT gave the greenhouse its spring clean they turned up.  It has taken me till now to give them a go.

 I re-wrapped everything after leaving it overnight and left it for a few more hours.

The Surform plane blade and the chunky drill bits have created some interesting marks.

Meanwhile the beautiful weekend meant a spot of gardening...

 and a spot of sketchbook monoprinting...

Chilly and drizzly here today, although it is brightening up a bit, no, now it's raining again!
I hope you have a bright week,