Sunday, 15 May 2011

A quick up date

I have half an hour or so before I concentrate on cooking a roast (we always eat in the evening otherwise I fall asleep for the afternoon) so I will write a quick post.  It has been another busy week with visits to in-laws, a few hours working with Sally on our Open Studio invitations, and a long session at the hairdressers. Not to mention getting the latest Postman's Knock postcard finished off.
Sue's theme was "Rust" and my immediate reaction when I got the list was that I wanted to refer to Neil Young's album "Rust Never Sleeps". I had the idea of staining those word in rust onto a piece of calico. I twisted some florists wire into the words - I knew this does go rusty - eventually - as I have used it in my Chrismas wreath, however six weeks in the damp had no effect. To encourage a rusty effect I popped a couple of pieces of rusty iron in the bag which had the desired effect of staining the cloth, but the wire remained stubbornly rust free. Never mind, this gave me the excuse to do a bit of hand embellishment which I always enjoy. Not what I envisaged, but I think it worked in the end.

The card I received from Cathy is a real peach.  My theme is 'Windows' and of course Cathy was able to find an original angle.  Not only the idea that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but also that we might like to feast our eyes by looking out of a window...

Do check here to see what she had in mind.

Otherwise I have mounted my needlefelt pictures to make cards...

...started to print out photographs and mount them onto cards...

... made a pile of triangles from melted plastic bags and wraps to make bunting ...

... and prepared a pile of invites ready for mailing.

This is really so much more fun than working for a living.  However we shall have to make lots of sales just to recoup our expenses, let alone make a profit.  I count myself very lucky that I can afford to do this.

If you live in my area and I already have your address, you may well have an envelope in this pile, otherwise if you think you might be in Luton on June 11th, 15th,18th, 22nd or 25th, and would like to call in, please contact me via my Profile link and I will e mail you details.
You can view Sally's work here .

I seem to have missed lots of your post lately, I try to find some time to read what you have been doing and comment as there are so many inspiring ideas out there. Do have a good week.