Sunday, 15 June 2014

June - so far...

I think it would be sensible for me just to aim at writing a blog post every month. My time of the weekly or fortnightly blog seems to have past. Facebook has a lot to answer to for that and I know some of you will have seen some of these photos before.
 I started this blog with the aim of recording my creative journey and every now and then I come to a lay-bye. I seem to have been at the present one for some time. My engine is still ticking over, and I'm refuelling by acquiring a lot of source material.
My visit to the V&A in April is a case in point. I was interested in the iron work and I have created lots of sketchbook pages.

I was fascinated by the pattern on this 16th C French padlock (photographed in a glass cabinet),

and this 18th C German wrought iron gate - given a bit of treatment here.

I have been exploring cut-outs in my sketchbook ably helped by my new assistant.

Last week I went on a two day workshop at Art Van Go, Creating Original Designs with Kim Thittichai. I have had her book Experimental Textiles for some time, so I thought it would be good to work with this rather well know personality of the textile world.  She did not disappoint.  I had read about her courses and we did what she had written about, however it is such a different experience when you are working in a group with a tutor and a group, rather than trying to do things on your own. 

This is part of my "journey" painting which Kim uses as a starting point to create designs and printing blocks. Below are follow-ups I have been doing at home.

Above are expanded squares and below a second print block I have created from my "journey"

We made a positive and negative blocks.

Painting over the prints with procion dye to gives another effect. Next I shall try some textile samples.

Well that's it for now. I've just had to have a 'run' round the garden to entertain Mungo. He likes to play 'chase the stick' until it's time for a quick wash! I am left whirling a stick in a circle like a demented dervish while the cat watches me from the sidelines.

Thanks for popping in.