Sunday, 15 June 2014

June - so far...

I think it would be sensible for me just to aim at writing a blog post every month. My time of the weekly or fortnightly blog seems to have past. Facebook has a lot to answer to for that and I know some of you will have seen some of these photos before.
 I started this blog with the aim of recording my creative journey and every now and then I come to a lay-bye. I seem to have been at the present one for some time. My engine is still ticking over, and I'm refuelling by acquiring a lot of source material.
My visit to the V&A in April is a case in point. I was interested in the iron work and I have created lots of sketchbook pages.

I was fascinated by the pattern on this 16th C French padlock (photographed in a glass cabinet),

and this 18th C German wrought iron gate - given a bit of treatment here.

I have been exploring cut-outs in my sketchbook ably helped by my new assistant.

Last week I went on a two day workshop at Art Van Go, Creating Original Designs with Kim Thittichai. I have had her book Experimental Textiles for some time, so I thought it would be good to work with this rather well know personality of the textile world.  She did not disappoint.  I had read about her courses and we did what she had written about, however it is such a different experience when you are working in a group with a tutor and a group, rather than trying to do things on your own. 

This is part of my "journey" painting which Kim uses as a starting point to create designs and printing blocks. Below are follow-ups I have been doing at home.

Above are expanded squares and below a second print block I have created from my "journey"

We made a positive and negative blocks.

Painting over the prints with procion dye to gives another effect. Next I shall try some textile samples.

Well that's it for now. I've just had to have a 'run' round the garden to entertain Mungo. He likes to play 'chase the stick' until it's time for a quick wash! I am left whirling a stick in a circle like a demented dervish while the cat watches me from the sidelines.

Thanks for popping in.


ju-north said...

I love your work and admire your energy ! I'm in a similar spot with my blog as you say fb and IG as well as posting pics in Kim Klassens courses don't seem to leave a lot of blogging time. The jury is still out!

Heloise said...

That looks like an interesting and fun course. You have created some great prints.

Gina said...

Lovely work Jill.

Jee said...

My blogging is in danger of becoming quarterly! Time just gets away from me and I haven't even some lovely prints or a playful cat to show for it.

Jee said...

My blogging is in danger of becoming quarterly! Time just gets away from me and I haven't even some lovely prints or a playful cat to show for it.

Jane Housham said...

Lovely prints -- looks like a really stimulating course.

Maggi said...

Love the prints that you have been making from your Notan designs. I hope that you continue to use your blog as it's so much easier to follow than FB.

isn't that typical of cats!

Printed Material said...

Great prints Jill. Love the blue and black positive over negative or whichever way it is. Who cares whether you blog monthly or whenever - I'm just glad that you still do. Imagine what I'd miss as a non Facebook person if you stopped! Please don't!

Clare Wassermann said...

Lovely sketchbook and prints - especially the blue and black ones.
Your new cat is very handsome!

Emma said...

Wonderful work inspired by Kim. Blogging gives us time to write/read about something with a little more depth which I so enjoy (I'm trying to get back myself!) FB is like many people shouting at once (mainly about their latest lunch!) but often there's a lovely link to an interesting post!