Monday, 23 August 2010


I have given myself a good talking to ... and just enjoyed the rain today, and my futile attempts to make some heatproof oven gloves ... and the overflowing laundry basket ... and the letter about the car insurance ... yes I am fine, can't keep in a grumpy mood for long.  And yesterday, (I think Lesley guessed) I wanted to use one of my favourite words - ennui - sometimes that feeling of bored restlessness is good for the creative spirit.

One of the best things to get my creative juices flowing is to collage a page in my journal. I really wanted to do layers, layers, layers, and I did, but I'm sorry to say it looks a bit sad here. 

A photograph would probably do it better justice but the light had gone by the time I had finished and as it is shiny with layers of acrylic wax, flash was not a good idea. Still here is my piece which is all about making sure that we are still creating memories for the future. I know that in my real 'old age' I shall be able to look back at this time in my life as one of my most creative. I don't think this sort of art is my strength, but it is good fun and very therapeutic. I wanted to post this today as everyone is being very kind  about cheering me up and I am fine, thank you all so much.

To finish on a sunny note I will share these photographs I took last year at Collage Lake Nature Reserve near Tring in Hertfordshire, one of those little gems of a spot you could easily miss.
I've only got to look at this Rosebay willowherb and golden rod (or is it ragwort?) to cheer me up.

Nature's herbaceous border

This one has had a tweak on the colour saturation.

This one I took at the same spot the year before

A Four-spotted chaser dragon fly