Monday, 23 August 2010


I have given myself a good talking to ... and just enjoyed the rain today, and my futile attempts to make some heatproof oven gloves ... and the overflowing laundry basket ... and the letter about the car insurance ... yes I am fine, can't keep in a grumpy mood for long.  And yesterday, (I think Lesley guessed) I wanted to use one of my favourite words - ennui - sometimes that feeling of bored restlessness is good for the creative spirit.

One of the best things to get my creative juices flowing is to collage a page in my journal. I really wanted to do layers, layers, layers, and I did, but I'm sorry to say it looks a bit sad here. 

A photograph would probably do it better justice but the light had gone by the time I had finished and as it is shiny with layers of acrylic wax, flash was not a good idea. Still here is my piece which is all about making sure that we are still creating memories for the future. I know that in my real 'old age' I shall be able to look back at this time in my life as one of my most creative. I don't think this sort of art is my strength, but it is good fun and very therapeutic. I wanted to post this today as everyone is being very kind  about cheering me up and I am fine, thank you all so much.

To finish on a sunny note I will share these photographs I took last year at Collage Lake Nature Reserve near Tring in Hertfordshire, one of those little gems of a spot you could easily miss.
I've only got to look at this Rosebay willowherb and golden rod (or is it ragwort?) to cheer me up.

Nature's herbaceous border

This one has had a tweak on the colour saturation.

This one I took at the same spot the year before

A Four-spotted chaser dragon fly


PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful photos, and I love your layered art! It's a gloomy, rainy, very cold day here but I was excited about my pedi and hair appt. for today and now a bridal shower this evening! On a Monday!? That sure brightens up the day.

Cheryl said...

beautiful photos,and that layered art is fab,its raining here too all day,not cold though but hey,cant do nothing about it,love the photo of the dragonfly its amazing,love cheryl xxxx

Printed Material said...

Those magenta and acid yellow colour combinations just make me want to get the paints out! I'm not that great at colour theory so it's a good reminder to look at nature for inspiration. It rained here like it was Armageddon yesterday and my mood was decidely 'off' as well. I should have carried on saying 'ennui' to myself shouldn't I? Today is decidely brighter and I'm going to do some printing or something today regardless of how good it turns out and I have both yellow and magenta ink so I may have a go with nature's palette! Lesley x

marigold jam said...

Lovely colours Jill - I think that mood must be infectious since I have been suffering too from what I call my Grey blanket syndrome! Those startlingly bright flowers in such a wonderful colour combination certainly make one glad to be alive though don't they? And your journal page is great - you will certainly look back on this period as being a very creative one I'm sure.

Sun is out today here - hope you have the same and that you get the washing machine fixed and washing done soon!

Jane x

Menopausal musing said...

Glad things have brightened for you Jill. I am another who loves that vivid shot of pink against the yellow..... fantastic contrasts.... Your layering in your journal is great... and I know the feeling re creating memories for the future.....

The "You might also like" buttons at the bottom of your blog are fascinating me today, so shall have a look back through some of them later. Lovely shot of the dragonfly, by the way.

flutterbycrafter said...

Beautiful photos and I love your journal background page

Sandra Hall said...

Just read your 'ennui' post too...I think we go through the humdrums now and again - a little art therapy works wonders and you've definitely created a wonderfully layered page here! (At the Dina Wakely workshops I went to recently, she challenged us to do at least 20 layers) This looks at least that! It makes me want to touch it.
Your photographs are fabulous as always.

Jee said...

I think this weather is getting us all down - even if it isn't raining you can't be sure you won't get soaked in ten minutes time.
Beautiful photos as always - really cheering.

sharp green pencil said...

Hi there Jill. Val here from Pencil and Leaf. Just saying hi and thankyou for you comments on the blog!!.. Lovely to find you blog and read your posts.. ahh dont we all know about enuii!! I am suffering from " returing to the UK blues" only 3 weeks to go.. and all the reports of rain isnt helping. .. and yet I love the UK! (dilemma!! ) I am very inspired by your wonderul illustrated pages. I just dont have the discipline for journals, having tried many times!!
I look forward to reading more..
bye for now