Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thinking time

It is Sunday again and I really wanted to compose another post, but it has been an odd week. I guess it is spring in the air, the ending of one season and the beginning of the next, although I am sure winter has not finished with us yet.  So why has it been a strange week?  Firstly it has been a time of finishing.  I have completed my Daffodil book. Although I know many of you have seen pictures of it before, here it is finished.



I am also coming to the end of my third Art Journal.

I have been looking through the pages, seeing how far I have come on my creative journey.  My March calendar page is in my new journal - I will share that later.  
Staring a new journal has got me thinking about where will I go next on my creative journey. I am looking forward to my second Machine Embroidery Workshop on Tuesday and a am realising the potential of working with textiles. I am torn between continuing to flit between one new idea and the next and consolidating what I do.  I have been thinking about taking another OCA course, this time on textiles. But is is very expensive if you are not 100% sure the course is what you want .  I do want to be able to take my ideas to more depth.  To this ends I have ordered a couple of books and I have been trawling the internet so I might write myself a 'creative syllabus'. It is something I did  for my pupils when I was teaching. I just need to identify some goals for myself - easier said than done!  And of course I shall have to have the will power to see it through.  In a few weeks, the urge will probably have passed, which is where committing quite a few hundreds of pounds on a course acts as a real incentive! There is nothing offered at local colleges except the usual foundation courses, which would be lovely in different circumstances.  I need something I can keep control of.  If anyone has any ideas or can refer me to helpful books/websites I would be grateful. 

Meanwhile here is a page in my 'Honesty' book, which I have decided to fill myself.

I made a 'parchment sandwich' to look like a translucent honesty seed head which I stuck between a hole cut in a couple of pages.  It needs a bit more work on the page, but I think you get the idea.

This week I also went to see Matthew Bourne's ballet Cinderella at Milton Keynes with a friend. 

It was stunning, so if you have tickets, you are in for a treat.

Have a good week, and 'see' you soon!