Monday, 2 April 2012


 I am spending less time than usual at my computer at the moment due to outside influences so I have only managed quick looks of other people's postings.   I am trying to prioritise my course and doing practical things rather than 'blogging' when time is limited.  It may be that everything is just taking me a little bit longer these days, but I just don't seem to have the time. However,  I have managed to finish my March calendar page and put together one for April.  

My April page  was influenced by Lesley's photograph of the snake's head fritillaries in her garden, which made me go searching for my postcard of Charles Rennie Macintosh's watercolour.

I decided to make a couple of further studies for future reference as I think they could lend themselves to a bit of stitching.

Although I do try to do some work outside of my course, it is occupying my creative flow.
Below are a few pages developing ideas. 
The first set influenced by the photos I took of Wardown Museum in Luton,

chimney stacks and ridge tiles

Those below are from my collection of favourite objects 

When I started this blog I subtitled it as chronicles of my learning journey, and the last year certainly has been that. I have built up quite a resource of sketchbook ideas and hopefully, if you stick with me, I will be able to share some completed textile work before too long.  I am off to Art Van Go in the next couple of days for supplies of Procion Dye, which I have not used before.  Before long I will actually be applying needle to fabric and starting to interpret some of my ideas into stitch. But I am trying not to jump too far ahead of myself. 
Have a good week