Monday, 10 August 2009

Final Portfolio - Autumn

This group is probably my weakest as I did not go out enough last autumn and take seasonal photographa as I was concentrating on my other assignment - so this selection does not fit quite as well, but unless I wait another 4 months to finish this course, these will have to do!

Rather cliched autumn scene

Rather like this little thatched summerhouse in th local park

Sunset from the Clappers - managed to find one suitable shot from my collection that linked in with the other seasons.
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Final Porfolio - Summer

Making this selection is taking me so long. I am full of self-doubt. I must now just get on with it. I am not going for assessment so only my pride is hanging on this - no grades.

Summer beeches - love the light created by these majestic trees.

Waiting for harvest - this view from the Clappers could have been taken from a plane.

Storm clouds over Harlington - enough said about our summer!!
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