Monday, 10 August 2009

Final Portfolio - Autumn

This group is probably my weakest as I did not go out enough last autumn and take seasonal photographa as I was concentrating on my other assignment - so this selection does not fit quite as well, but unless I wait another 4 months to finish this course, these will have to do!

Rather cliched autumn scene

Rather like this little thatched summerhouse in th local park

Sunset from the Clappers - managed to find one suitable shot from my collection that linked in with the other seasons.
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Anonymous said...

A lovely collection. I especially like both shots from the Clappers. Where is this? It's very beautiful!

Duncan Astbury said...

If you are not entirely happy with them why not wait a few months and shoot some more this autumn. I am amazed how much my approach has changed in the last year and when I revisit locations it can be a whole new experience.

Jill said...

I quite agree Duncan about revisiting - i have really enjoyed getting to know the local landscape. However I really want to get this course out of the way, so I will submit these and see what my tutor says.

Jill said...

I am going to add Emma (Photthingy's comments, copied and pasted form an e mail as it is good to keep everything together:
Hi Jill, Thank you too!
Yes, I know what you mean about these exercises, but I find them infinitely less tedious than the ones for the first section of the course! I've never studied art and design principles, apart from my own reading, so I do actually find these quite stimulating - feel like I'm learning (and hopefully internalising) lots. I think of them as just like musical studies whose purpuse is to hopefully improve my technique in the long run.

I like your work very much & tried to comment before but blogger wasn't accepting my wordpress id for some reason! Very odd..

Emma :)