Thursday, 17 June 2010

A fix of sea air

I am back from an all too short trip to the Isle of Wight - just 48 hours, but enough to give me a fix of sea and sun as well as a good 'show and tell' session with my sister and quality time with my father. But Tuesday morning before I went I was woken at 5.30 by a horrendous noise which sounded like someone blowing a vuvusela answered by a kazoo. As I lay in bed waiting for the next blast I was transported to Whipsnade  Zoo - peacocks - that's what it sounded like. So at six o'clock I was out in the garden in jimjams plus camera peering over garden fences, and at last  I caught sight of the culprit.
I wonder if he is still about. Mr T reckons he heard him Wednesday morning. Goodness knows where he has come from. I'll keep you informed.

But here are a few sea views.

The hour long crossing from Southampton to Cowes does at least give you a sense of going on a real journey, with a bit of a sea voyage. The weather was perfect if a little blustery.

I give dad a call from the ferry when I can get a good view of his home - that is his retirement home in the centre of the picture, he has a view of the sea from his flat, we give each other a metaphorical wave.

Yesterday morning we drove to Bembridge for a short walk along the shore before I took Dad to The Crab and Lobster for an early father's day lunch. It is well known for it's fresh sea food - it was a crab baguette for me and  lemon sole for dad. Best eaten outside with a warm sea breeze for seasoning
That's him under the sunshade. It is a wonder spot with a view over the sea - and look at that blue sky!
I dropped dad back home for his afternoon snooze and drove up the road to Gurnard to meet my sister.

Beach huts at Gurnard
Although it is a bit of a slog to get there - and not cheap with ferry crossing prices, what a brilliant place to have to go and visit - and at least the accommodation is free!
Lots more photos to follow.


Lizzie said...

Ooh lovely! Glad you had good weather. I stayed on holiday in Lymington, a few years back, with my mum and her friend. We took the ferry across to Yarmouth, then walked along the costal path for a few miles, before taking a bus back, via Alum Bay. It was a lovely day out and I'd like to spend a holiday on the Isle of Wight some time.
The photos look great. All that blue sky and beautiful sea! I am just a little bit jealous.
Was that peacock in your neighbourhood (not on holiday)? Keep us posted - it would be great if it came to visit your garden.

webb said...

I'm so impressed that you can spell vuvusela, and that you have taught me to, also!!

Funny how the beach is a universal peace-bringer to us all. I hate the drive to see my mom thru some of the worst traffic in our state, but five minutes on the beach and all is forgotten and forgiven. Nothing like a little sand between the toes!

Jane said...

How lovely to get all that sea and sun doing a duty visit. Looking forward to more pics.

Menopausal musing said...

I laughed my head off at the peacock part of your post: giant frogs and now peacocks, whatever next? Elephants? :O))))

An old people's home near us has them wandering around. Much as I do like to see a peacock, I am not at all taken by their call.

What a great break you have had. Looking forward to more photos.

Linda said...

You've brought back fond memories of two visits to the Isle of Wight (in my teens.....I think its time I paid another visit!)
The Crab and Lobster looks like a great place for lunch; I bet your dad enjoys your visits.
I was just thinking....can peacocks fly? Then I checked on YouTube and it seems they can for short distances (enough to get into a tree or on a fence). Is there a farm or garden centre nearby? Thats where we have them locally.

Virginia said...

Oh I'm loving those beautiful sea pictures - particularly the beach hut one - it's gorgeous! You look like you had a great trip!

I giggled at the peacock pictures the nearest we get are pheasants and occasionally a green woodpecker and they are noisy enough!

Hope you have a great weekend!

JP said...

I love the IOW - takes me back to my chidhood - my husband has never been and I keep saying we must go but it is a long way from Warrington - i love Osborne House and Carrisbrooke Castle!!!!!!!!!!

Leenie said...

What a colorful new neighbor! They are noisy creatures and early risers.

Thanks for the photo tour of your trip. I love the sea even though it is a very long two day drive to the coast. I will enjoy the salt and sand virtually through your post. Love the view of the cliffs and the blue water.

Noël said...

What beautiful, relaxing photos! Thank you so much for sharing them... makes me crave a visit to the beach!

I laughed out loud reading about your peacock. I just can't imagine seeing one in my yard! I think the only place I'd ever find one is in the zoo. :)

Printed Material said...

Fab photos Jill, especially the beach huts. Glad you had a lovely break with your Dad and sister, albeit short. Sorry to be dim but what on earth is a vuvusela? Everybody else obviously knows but I am in the dark! Lesley

Jill said...

The dreadful vuvuzela is the plastic horn favoured by South African football fans which I managed to misspell - apologies for that!