Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday - A week in Pictures.

Went to visit Dad on the Isle of Wight, we had a very nice lunch here at Niton, near St Catherine's Point for all you shipping forecast listeners.

He's pretty sprightly for 90.  We went for a short walk in Ventnor Botanical Garden...

... and then another down Yarmouth pier.

Back in Luton on Thursday... friends and I head for the bus shelter to wait for Lady Godiva on her trip from Coventry to London...

... an hour and a half later, 

something's happening and a GPO van has broken down at the traffic lights...

Well that's all over - lasted a bit longer than the Tour de France passing by.
My friends and I say good bye.

August's calendar page is looking very minimal at the moment. 
 Not been my day.  Just wondered why I couldn't smell dinner cooking, when I realised that the meat has been in the main oven for an hour, when I had turned on the top one, that's why have time to write this. 
Well done Team GB - enjoying the Olympic's much more than I expected.
Have a good week


marigold jam said...

Hope your meat gets done eventually! Lovely journal pages and glad to hear you had a good time with your dad. He's looking very sprightly for his age isn't he? Like you I am enjoying the Olympics more than I thought I would - maybe it's because we are doing so well in the medal table?!

Emma said...

Love your week in pictures. caught up with your last post too - I was facinated by the opening ceremony, too - if I'd had that kind of teaching at school I'd be an historian by now! Mosaic piecing, now there's a challenge - I think the Kemshall's know what they're doing. Hope they'll let you post some pics for us all - they're cushions look great.

Menopausalmusing said...

Wonderful to still be sprightly at 90! Godiva looks pretty interesting, it has to be said. I too (although normally not interested in watching any sport) have found myself continually switching on to watch it all unfold. It has been truly great, hasn't it?

Joanna said...

I'm not quite sure what the Godiva even is all about but it looks fun!

I was one of those people who wasn't in favour of the Olympics coming to London, the country couldn't afford it etc etc, BUT I have to say that now it's here I have been swept away by it! I am very impressed by the organisation of the events and venues and of, course, by all those Team GB medals :)

I like your August pages, I haven't started mine yet (maybe I should try cooking dinner in a cold oven too, to give myself that bit of extra time?!).

Linda said...

Hi Jill.....looks like you've had a good week!
Your Dad looks fantastic for his age - that's a great photo of him. Whats a 'buddle' by the way?
I've enjoyed looking at all your brilliant journal pages and stitching projects. Inspirational stuff!

Jill said...

In case any one else is wondering, a buddle is a trough used for washing ore in running water - not sure what they used one for on the Isle of Wight. ( Thanks to an on-line dictionary)

Francesca said...

It was fun looking at these pictures and reading about what you do. What a great tour I had. I have heard a lot about the Isle of Wight but had never seen it. We have a song title "L'isola di Wight". I am following you from Rome. Have a nice weekend!