Thursday, 5 August 2010

Happy to announce ...

... the winners of my Market research give-away

I allotted each commentator a number and then went to The Random Number Generator  here to select 5 numbers. The result are:-

No. 1 A Purse,  to Kate at  thekathrynwheel
No. 2 A Scented Heart, to  Linda at Blu-eyed girl
No. 3 A flower brooch, to Webb at fromthegardenbench
No. 4 A Lotus flower book, to Jane at jeeandme
No. 5 Gift Tags, to Cathy at menopausalmusing

I hope to get them posted off after the weekend if I hear from you (but realise you may be away).  Thank you everyone for your encouraging and useful comments. I am thinking seriously about setting up an etsy shop, but need things to be sorted out here first. However if you are interested in any of the items listed, do contact me via e mail on my profile.
(Mr T is now on his third lot of mega antibiotics, we've still got our fingers crossed.)


marigold jam said...

Lucky ladies! Fingers crossed for Mr T.


Eileen said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! I still have the lovely little cards I won last time and look at them often. I think that selling your work is a great idea Jill and am highly likely to be one of your first shoppers.

Best of luck to you and Mr. T.

Take care,


Jane said...

Oh, thank you Jill, I'm thrilled to be getting one of your lovely things. I'll emial my address. Thinking of Mr T and wishing you both well.

thekathrynwheel said...

yayy! for me! I'm so happy to be a winner of your give-away :-) Thanks so much *doing a happy dance*!!

Heloise said...

Good luck with setting up your shop. I hope that the antibiotics work quickly.

Menopausal musing said...

Yippee! E mail address on the way. Hope the antibiotics are working their magic by now!

Printed Material said...

Sounds like some very happy recipients out there Jill. The shop sounds a great idea and I'll be waiting for you to say when it's open. Sorry about the anti-biotics situation for Mr T. It is dragging on for you both isn't it? Hope these are the final thrust and recovery is in sight! Lesley x

Sarah said...

Those look truly lovely : )
Congratulations to the winners!

Linda said...

Thank you Jill - I'm joining Kate in the happy Dance!! Must be my lucky week...
Linda xx
PS sending good wishes for Mr T.