Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Still here

Just a quick post to add my calendar to the pages.  I've not been in a very 'bloggy' mood, so please forgive me if I haven't commented on yours - I have been looking. I had a bit of trouble with my computer - even the Apple didn't like me having about six and a half thousand photographs on its hard drive, so I have deleted over 1,000 and it is happy again. I need to cull a lot more - they are all backed up so won't be lost for ever. And I seem to be bogged down with mundane tasks.
Here is my September page in my journal. I never really did like the decoration, but the month has flown by.
In someones post - sorry I can't remember who, they had carved a stamp for their calendar squares  so not one to overlook a good idea, I cut one from some easy-cut 'lino'.  What a mess I got myself into printing the page with acrylic paint!!! Perhaps I should have cleared my desk first.

I inked in the words and little motifs to make them look a bit like lino cuts and added a watercolour wash. Quite effective.

 I am working on my C&G quilting - it's just blogging that's taking a back seat, can't do everything all the time.
See you again soon


marigold jam said...

Good to see you when you get a chance it should never be an obligation to blog I don't think. Now that you are busy with your C&G course work it's understandable that time will be limited. Your September page as always looks great - here's to seeing the October one in due course (all too fast I dare say!)

ju-north said...

Great multi-tasking Jill! Looking good!

Joanna said...

It was me that hand carved day squares! Yours look great - I used Staz-on ink rather than paint, I think I would have got a lot messier than you if I'd used acrylic paint! I think I made mine too big too, I can barely squeeze mine on the page. Yours look a much better size.

Great colours for your October pages. I really should get on with mine now!


Linda said...

Lovely bits of colors around your Sept. page and I love the vibrant tones of October!

Printed Material said...

There was a moment when I started to read this post Jill when I thought of that Stevie Smith line 'not waving but drowning' but I realised by the end of it that I was being over dramatic - you're just cramming so much in and being clever enough to prioritise it all!Can't wait to see what this detailed focussing on the C&G quilting will bring forth. I suspect something rather special!

menopausalmusing said...

I grinned knowingly when I read about the culling of photos. I do it about twice a year, usually when I house-sit elsewhere and I am ALWAYS amazed at the difference it makes to my laptop speed.
Blog when you feel like it, life needs to have balance and like Lesley says you seem to be clever enough to prioritise.

laurie said...

the leaves on your page are the perfect symbol for the autumn season! it must be exciting to see all those empty spaces just waiting to be filled with details of the days ahead.

i have a new blog i would love for you to check out, if you get the time:

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Nothing wrong with Septembers Jill, and love the vibrant colours of October :-)
Anne x

Linda said...

I've had the same problem with blogging Jill, so I understand how you felt. The autumnal decorations on your October page are lovely. x

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

Lovely pages. I want to see the stamp you cut. I am going on a workshop in a couple of weeks and it would be a good idea to have a custom home made stamp for next years journal.
Thanks for visiting.