Monday, 19 October 2009

Time to move

All summer I have been working in our 'conservatory'. I use this description with care as an estate agent once informed us that in fact it was a 'lean-to'. It is in a rather sad way, with rather peeling paint and a saggy floor. I have filled it with bits and pieces to disguise its shabby state. When it falls down we will replace it with a modern plastic one. But in the meantime I shall have to evacuate as it is too draughty to heat ecconomically. It is a great place to work as there is great natural light and a view over the garden - although rather too hot on sunny summer mornings.
I was going to head this piece my 'glory hole' as this is how my grandfather described any messy, untidy corners my sister and I created. I thought I'd google the phrase to find the origin and had a rather nasty shock at it seems have several dubious sexual references which I choose to ignore. I think (and hope) my grandfather's use for the phrase originated in the navy, for - guess what - a mess. I'm so glad I looked it up - I could have had a few disappointed visitors!!!
So I am moving all my messy art 'stuff' into my study, which we had converted from a rather small garage. I need to do some really serious reorganising as this also houses my computer and photography equipment which don't mix well with gesso and ink! I won't feel so free and easy sloshing around the paint, but it's an opportunity to explore different fields.

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marigold jam said...

I know what you mean - our conservatory which was in use constantly during the sunnier months (when were they?) is now a bit on the chilly side. I am pressing for some form of heater as the conservatory itself is in good condition - just cold. I miss the light for crafting purposes, the warmth and the view over the garden. Hope you manage to get your study sorted out so you can continue with your art work. I just adore that ginger puss every time I open your blog!


Eileen said...

A conservatory and an office? Having neither, I am totaly jealous now.

Seriously, hope the mini-move goes well and stimulates your creative juices.

Menopausal musing said...

I am about to google "Glory Hole"......... You see, when I was a child, the space under the stairs was referred to as "The Glory Hole".......... (it had a curtain on wire covering all the contents). My parents were in the air force, so maybe it is a forces saying???????

Menopausal musing said...

OOOh! I SAY!............. I'm just back from google-land. That was an education! :o)