Monday, 4 May 2009

TAoP Assignment 2; Colour

Orange and blue: contrasting colours

I shall display a selection of photographs that I have taken over the course of the last two years as a result of following the Open College of the Arts Photography courses as I want to log my progress in photography and in thinking creatively. This assignment required a set of photographs using colours from the colour wheel, similar, complimentary and contrasting in pairs, similar colours and colour accent. It required more creative thinking in either setting up a group of objects or spotting the right combination when out and about. I think for me, the latter exercise was a good start in starting to develop a 'photographer's eye'. I had always been attracted to aesthetically pleasing 'vignettes' I shall call them for want of a better expression, perhaps an old wall with weathered wood, or a grouping of goods on display in a market, but I had never thought of capturing it. Now with the exercises about composition under my belt I was out with my camera on a roll. So here are a selection from that Assignment.

Fragile roof
Yellow on blue: colour accent

wardrobe - similar colours

Red: similar colours


Red and yellow: contrasting colours


Red and green: complimentary colours

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