Monday, 4 May 2009

Another beginning

After teaching for more than thirty-five years I finally decided it was time to start learning again. Before stopping work at the end of 2007 I had already started the Open College of Art's The Art of Photography course having bought myself a NikonD40, thus fulfilling an ambition to own a SLR camera. The digital route was my key and there was no stopping me. On retiring I up-graded to a NikonD80 and enrolled on the Photography 2: Landscape course. Which I have nearly completed. The OCA enables students to work towards a degree through acquiring sufficient points on completing enough modules. I had no intention of putting myself through the Assessment process as I was still working when I began, and under enough pressure from work. However I think I could cope now, but shan't take that route.
I have drawn all my life and had some success with watercolours some years back, but although I found painting and drawing enjoyable I was able to fulfill my creativity, my skills never matched what was in my head. Photography has brought me a lot closer, and I find the process continuously exciting with endless possibilities which I hope to be able to explore here on my new enterprise - my very own blog.
My third age has well and truly begun.

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