Monday, 4 May 2009

TAoP Assignment3: Applying what I have learned so far - a portrait of my garden

This assignment required a demonstration of what had been learned through the various excercises covered so far mainly dealing with different lighting conditions, colour and composition. This then had to be applied to the portrayal of a place or event in your neighbourhood. My opting for my garden indicates how uncomfortable I am photographing in public, something I still find difficult. Looing back this was probably one of my weaker assignments, but it was mostly received well by my tutor.

#8 - Watering  cans - overcast

Watering cans: diagonal line, no shadows, overcast

3 Rose - side light

Watering can rose: circular/central composition, side lit, deep shadow

4 Eryngium - fringe light
Seedheads: diagonal, fringe lighting

Bins - low sun
Bins: constrasting colours, horizantal compositon, low sun

7 Leaf - shadow
Leaf: colour accent, off-centre composition, shadow


Duncan Astbury said...

That's a great set of watering cans!

Susan D said...

I'm with you I find photographing in public difficult, I feel as if everyone is looking at me, silly I know because they probably aren't.