Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Blame it on the blog

It all started with a lovely surprise.
A little Marvin arrived in the post from Lesley of Printed Material

'How did  you do it?' I enquired.
'It's needle felt' replied Lesley, 'You need wool and a needle.  You stab the wool with the needle.'
'That sounds interesting' I thought.
wool, needles, foam (to stop you stabbing yourself supposedly)
roll wool
 more Google and Youtube
stab, stab, stab
twiddle, fiddle, stitch

Tra laa

...only drew blood once!

This could be the start of something big!

I've got a way to go before I can create such lovelies as the cute cat, but a furry fish is a start!


marigold jam said...

How cute. Both you and Lesley are very talented! That Marvin will be needing a fan club soon too!


Ticking stripes said...

I'd love ot have a go at this - it looks like fun! Just reading some posts I missed - glad to find a Teesha Moore fan!

Lalabibaby said...

Oh they are just great Jill .... off to google this felt stabbing business now x

Tumble Fish Studio said...

How perfectly delicious and sweet these are! I have wanted to try this so long but never have had the courage and look at you go! Can't wait to see more!
Thank you for the visit today! Sending wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

pinkfairygran said...

Oh lovely.. I'm off to google now as well...

Printed Material said...

Wow, what a star! I can't believe you've bought the wool, got the needles and produced a finished item just like that. I am so impressed. It's a great technique for adding detail to hand made felt or making beads, brooches etc. I too have drawn blood many times when I've been a bit hasty. It's not to be recommended.I can't wait to see what will come next.... Lesley

Leenie said...

Great creations! Both the kitty and the fish! For more wool felting visit my friend Linda Sue at All I Ever Wanted

island weather said...

Oh, Sis, I love the real Marvin, my pretend nephew, or 'Marvelous Marvin' as I like to call him, but the little woolly Marvin is wonderful. Wish we could be together for Christmas for some sisterly creating. Had a wonderful evening yesterday with some friends -mulled wine, lots of wire, ivy leaves, paper, glue, ribbon, a mince pie and sausge roll or six, card, boxes, jars, more glue, more wine and more fun. Doing it all over again next week. Putting in the post tomorrow for you, a box of silly things for Christmas and beyond!
Jan x x

ps hoping to first-blog in the holidays.

island weather said...

sorry sis, forgot to say I love your little fishy too!

Menopausal musing said...

Jill, isn't it just SO fascinating: I hadn't heard of needle felting till I started tootling round blog land......... there is so much to learn from others, isn't there? The felt marvin is gorgeous, as is your fish.........