Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Golly Gosh ..

Golly gosh two posts in one month! Just thought I'd share my finished blanket. It is about 5ft square.

My crochet isn't as neat as Lucy's of Attic24, but it is lovely and drapes beautifully, and is very snug. I did not expect to finish so quickly but I'm in need of some mindless occupation.   I've now decided to use up the left over yarn, plus some more to make a "Babette" blanket. I'd never heard of one until browsing Pinterest. They are made of different size squares. This one will be much smaller, maybe just a metre square. I've made a start.

What will be fun is deciding how to arrange them. I think I'll join them up as I go along, so I won't be left with a mammoth task at the end.  I want something less bulky. 

Mungo has begun to sit on my lap, but only if I have a blanket or a bit of fleece on it. Here he is trying to share the chair with me. So a smaller blanket would be useful. 
He looks so grumpy. However he was there first!

 I've also order some yarn to make a poncho in the style of my scarf on the previous post, but it will be a bit of an experiment. Watch this space.
Thank you for all the kind mentions about the dizziness.  Thank goodness it is not too bad at the moment.  I am limiting my time on the iPad, as the way the images swoosh past may have been triggering it.

Meanwhile I'm putting off sewing, my machine is gathering dust. I have some projects in mind and have been playing in my sketchbooks. However I'm feeling a bit rudderless. I still miss the discipline of following my one-line course. May resort to a few basics to get me going, I'll let you know!

Don't get blown away, its rather breezy here in Bedfordshire.


ju-north said...

Lovely work Jill. Never got into crochet my grandmother could crochet very fine patterns without using paper patterns. I really should try it as I like knitting and you have inspired me!

Erica said...

I love the colours of your blanket. I too, am crocheting one - using 8 ply bits and pieces which have - ahem - accumulated over the years. I have a rule. No choosing which colour goes next. It's a lucky dip! When I need to change colours I reach into the bag, without looking (well MOSTLY without looking)and whatever I pull out...So far, it's looking great although you must be faster than I am. Mine is maybe 1/4 finished. Alas, I have no beautiful cat to share my blanket with.

Gina said...

Your blanket looks fabulous and I just love that grumpy Mungo face! Dare I ask about your "ironwork" piece?

Jane Housham said...

Really beautiful blanket -- and beautiful kit, even if he does look very cross.

Maggi said...

So colourful and cosy. No wonder Mungo doesn't want to share.